The ability to speak

The ability to speak is the most unique characteristic of the human species. Through speech we communicate, express our feelings and transmit information. Clear speech is a key element in having a beautiful and understandable speech.

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Girl learning to count using abacus

Total services for children with speech and language disorders


With early intervention, children aged 2-5 years can relatively easily recover from their language difficulties with proper and methodical intervention. This is due to the plasticity of the brain. Early intervention allows for easier and more effective assimilation of the stimuli the child receives.


Initially, a meeting with the parents takes place where the description of the difficulties is made and the child's developmental history is completed. This is followed by 1-2 meetings between the child and the speech and language therapist where the child's language skills are assessed through informal and weighted tests.


Immediately after the assessment, an individualised intervention programme is created, tailored to the needs and difficulties of each child. Every three months, parents are given a written report detailing the areas worked on, the child's progress and the goals for the next quarter.

Parental Consultation

In order for a child's difficulties to be addressed successfully and comprehensively, the therapist must work with the family. Thus, alongside speech therapy, parents are provided with instructions/guidelines on how to manage their child's difficulties

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